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Drainage Contracting

As a drainage contractor, we regrade around homes to give positive drainage by building swales, or regrading, or just adding dirt around the foundation. We sell Topsoil, Topsoil Compost, or pure Compost which is sawdust and horse manure aged 3 years. We also sell rock.

Regrading the land surface of a construction site is done for a variety of reasons. Some sites require regrading to properly site the house. Regrading is sometimes done to handle surface runoff from adjacent properties. A poorly graded yard may be only one cause of a flooding basement. Consider consulting with Schuette's Dirt Works to assess any other problem areas before proceeding with any extensive regrading.

Reasons for regrading include:

  • Allowing construction in areas that were previously too steep.
  • Enabling transportation along routes that were previously too steep.
  • Changing drainage patterns.
  • Improving the stability of terrain.
  • Controlling water flow around your house or business, particularly if you are having water flow into a basement.