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Concrete Removal

Removing Concrete can be quite a tricky task. Schuette's Dirt Works identifies with the customers what kinds of demolition need to be done, and carries out the project with care, safety and efficiency.

We Have The Right Tools For The Job

Schuette's Dirt Works has the right tools for the job. Whether with power tools, hand tools or machinery, we have the right one for removing unwanted concrete. We consider the area around the concrete. Rebuilding a patio, or removing a bad section of driveway or sidewalk can be a difficult task.

You need to use the proper equipment to do this, so you do not cause any damage to the good concrete around the area. You don't want to crack good concrete and then have to patch it. To safely remove the concrete without damaging the other concrete around the area, the proper equipment must be used. Concrete removal that is done correctly with the proper tools and equipment will prevent unnecessary repairs to good concrete and the landscape around it.