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Due to my sump pump running non-stop after heavy rains, I contacted Mr. Schuette to give me a diagnosis on what my problem was. We agreed to bring in 10 tons of fill dirt to surround the home to help form a positive grade. Since then, I rarely hear the sump pump run and I sleep much better at night without the worries. Mr. Schuette showed up when he said he would, and delivered the dirt sooner than expected. His integrity is top-notch !!

Dan Beat
Wichita, Kansas

We've had Lyle out to our house for several projects. The first was to solve some very severe drainage problems behind our house. Lyle regraded the entire back yard and now it drains like a champ. We had him back the same year to remove a concrete slab and do all the prep work for a new patio. Then we had him back to grade back around the patio. The patio and backyard look excellent now thanks to all Lyle's great work.

Chris Owen
Eastborough, Kansas

I have been a fruit and vegetable home gardener near Rose Hill for 10 years. I have approximately 1700 square feet of garden space in 10 raised beds. Over the years I have continued to amend and improve my soil organically, While I make some compost at home, I can never produce enough to substantially improve my soil without additional supplements. It had become an expensive proposition to make an annual trip to the lawn center and buy bags of compost, peat moss, vermiculite, etc. Due to the cost, I would usually skimp on amendments, and my garden, while productive, was always less productive and healthy than it should have been.

This past spring, I bought 15 tons ($320) of composted horse manure, straw, and sawdust from Schuette's Dirt Works and incorporated it in a 3" layer throughout my garden. I added an additional 1 1/2" of compost two more times during the summer. WOW. My garden grew like it was on steroids. The growing season started earlier and lasted longer than ever before. Bigger, healthier plants. 30-40% increased yields. Far less problems with insects and disease. As I am putting my garden to bed for the winter, I am adding additional height to my wood frame beds so I can start the same process over again next spring. I highly recommend Schuette's compost mixture for every vegetable garden.

I also added 1" of this compost as a top dressing on half of my lawn (buffalo grass in heavy clay soil). Again, the treated area is greener and denser than the untreated area. I definitely plan on finishing this lawn treatment next spring, and adding compost in all my flower beds as well. Give some of Lyle's compost a try. You won't be sorry.

Chris Moore
Rose Hill, Kansas